Complete documentation can be found here: WatcherX documentation

Click the magnifying glass icon to search. You can search for keywords or UPC/EAN barcode numbers. Amazon and eBay item numbers are also supported. WatcherX works best when used with UPC product codes.

This is your watch list. It is used to save items that don't have a product code and items from specific vendors.

Settings and Help options
You can customize which listings are used and how the barcode option works in the Settings page. Help options include this page and the full documentation.

Barcode scanner
Currently available only on Android and Apple iOS devices. WatcherX supports two third party barcode scanner mobile apps. More on this below.

View an item
View the selected item on the merchant's website.

View Items matching this product.
This item has a product UPC code. Click the barcode to compare all listings for the product.

Send to Google Calendar
This icon appears for eBay auctions and forwards you to the event entry screen for Google Calendar where you can approve and edit a new event entry. Sync your mobile and desktop devices with Google Calendar to get alerts when auctions are ending.

Share a Watch or Item Listing
Send a link via email or other communications method.

Save to Watchlist
Adds the selected item to the watchlist

Already on Watchlist
The selected item is in your watchlist

Delete from Watchlist
Removes the selected item to the watchlist

Supported Mobile Barcode Apps

- Android
Zxing barcode scanner for Android

- Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad
Pic2Shop for iOS

- Kindle Fire HD
Try the Android link above or download the ZXing barcode scanner APK (App) file direct from ZXing Project. To do this, you must allow third party application installs in your device settings when prompted.


- Unable to focus on barcode
See the full documentation for more information. You may be able to resolve this using a different browser or an inexpensive adaptor lens.

- Can't load page, or errors appear
If for some reason your settings become corrupted, and WatcherX does not load, you can reset the settings by using one of the following buttons:

WatcherX stores data on your browser using the HTML5 local storage feature. You can clear this data using the buttons above.

We do not store or collect personal identity information. Personal information may be stored independently by the merchant sites. See their privacy policies for detailed information.

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